A Whole Mex of Messico. Wait…

Hello comrades, it’s your old pal Dave once again, ready to throw Mexico at you like a little kid who hates Mexico and wanted Finland instead.

I always thought it looked like a deformed elephant in profile. And I mean worse than Dumbo. At least that fucker could fly.

So, where do you get good Mexican food in Chicago? Well, you could try teleportation, but that’s for sissies. A real man pretends that the entire country is contained within one or two neighborhoods!

In no particular order, I give you some great places to go for Mexican.

Mi Tierra. Various locations around Chicago. For the location nearest you, check out their annoying website.

In English, Mi Tierra means My Tierra. You’ll find that there are a great deal of places like Mi Tierra, large sit-down joints that pride themselves on their margaritas and number the menu items. you’ll find that these delightfully pink place serves you very juicy meat, margaritas that will tell you to burn things, and tons of flavor any way you slice it. In fact, of the sit-down Mexican places in Chicago I can say that this place has the most flavor that I’ve experienced. Very enjoyable of an experience, there’s no lie.

Adobo Grill, in Old Town. They mix this guac right at your table. If that doesn't make you happy, someone's got to diagnose you with something unsavory in the head eventually. Here's their website.

I went here for my 21st birthday, to try my first margarita. And who can forget their first margarita? Probably a better person than any of us can. It’s tart, sharp, basically a frozen knife to the tongue that you’ll like. And the food’s downright worth the high price. But the price is just about what’ll drive you crazy. Don’t go here unless it’s a special occasion; and when it is, it’ll be well worth the cash you’re going to projectile vomit.

The Killer Margaritas, in Lakeview. They don't have a website, do they?

Because of the high potency of their drinks, Cesar’s has all manner of signs in their tavern, one of them being “We don’t serve upset people.” Which makes some degree of sense, unless you consider that the only reason someone would want one of their uninvasive liver exenterations Killer Margaritas is that they’d be a seriously upset individual. But let’s face it, a lot of us are seriously upset individuals, and eventually you’re going to encounter such a horrible thing in life that a glass of green sociopathy is going to sound like a fun idea – and don’t get me wrong, it is pretty fun. And don’t worry, they’ll keep you under control – these servers don’t take kindly to drunks. At all.

But one thing too often overlooked at Killer Margaritas is their food, which is pretty similar to Mi Tierra, and very good for not too high of a price. I highly recommend this place, but only during the daytime, and not during Cubs games.

Alright, that’s it for this post, now run along and have fun finding ways for things with limes in them to destroy your internal organs. And that wasn’t passive-aggressiveness for a change.